rnd background

The beauty and medical aesthetic global industry is changing rapidly.

Clients demand safe and effective treatments whilst economic pressure means clinicians are increasingly demanding cost-effective solutions to common aesthetic beauty problems.

Our goalĀ is to make a difference through our treatment solutions for patients, our clients and society in general. We believe that scientific research is the key to achieving this, in collaboration with others who share our interest and our passion.


Within the overall Bioskin strategy, cutting-edge innovation is at the heart of what we do, and our R&D strategy has been carefully constructed to deliver on our promise to our customers and their clients.

Globally, our R&D focus is on key therapeutic areas where we believe our skills and experience can make the most difference: face and body skin rejuvenation and anti-aging, localised fat reduction, melasma/chloasma, androgenic alopecia, and cellulite reduction.




We have specialist knowledge of traditional therapeutic biologicals and protocols which we continually strive to optimise and we are at the forefront in the development of bringing new and efficacious ingredients to the market.

  • Innovating new and optimising current formulations of cosmetics to pharmaceutical standard
  • Innovation of new interesting preparations according to the latest trends and achievements in raw materials and technology
  • Innovation of internal standards, technical specifications, methods of contract research, and marketing concepts