BSK 11 ampelopsin

AMPELOSLIM has a triple action on adipocyte 
metabolism. It reduces and modulates the amount of
fat in the adipose tissue, by helping to reduce lipo-genesis and adipogenesis, as well as promoting lipolysis.

Category: BODY TREATMENTS: stretch marks, scar rejuvenation, firming, cellulite


Sterile Cosmeceutical Solution formulated with Ampelopsin (Dihydromyricetin), for the prevention, treatment and maintenance of fat accumulation in fat tissue.


It acts on lipogenesis, lipolysis and adipogenesis, basing its activity on the inhibition of the anabolic and adipogenic pathways of adipocytes, acting against the visible symptoms of cellulite.


Aqua, Mannitol, Dihydromyricetin.


Apply on the area to be treated, giving a light massage until the complete absorption of the product. Suitable for use with appliances such as virtual mesotherapy, electroporation, ultrasound, iontophoresis, dermapen, 
dermarollers and other techniques used in cosmetic treatments.