Virtual mesotherapy solutions are highly demanded thanks to their broad application with numerous, efficacious and popular delivery systems.

Bioskin's formulas can easily be combined with all types of no-needle mesotherapy systems such as electroporation and intophoresis, as well as dermal rollers/skin needling, dermal pens, galvanic treatments and more.

We create branded, cosmetic mesotherapy solutions for clients across the world who appreciate that we manufacture to pharmaceutical standards, the formulas are sterile and maintain the highest possible levels of purity.

We create single, active ingredients and cocktails of nutrients, each with proven efficacy in skin rejuvenation and localised adiposity reduction.




Creating your own brand of virtual mesotherapy products gives you the opportunity to create innovative and appropriate solutions that address the needs of your clients and offers you full control of your brand within your local market. It allows you to confidently operate without consideration of competing distributors and suppliers.


We take great pride in consistently being at the forefront of the industry, continuously innovating formulas using the latest technology and the newest trends, all at our state-of-the-art facility. We are incredibly passionate and drive for perfection and have established ourselves as an industry leader in virtual mesotherapy formulation.


Bioskin offers a wide variety of packaging solutions for you to select from. We use containers such as vials and ampoules and our outer packaging is developed with high design standards to represent your brand in the correct way for your customers and market. We offer full, turnkey capabilities, helping you to create a brand that will successfully impact your market.